Safaricom to stock M-KOPA TV systems

  • Solar TV available nationwide
  • Over 25,000 solar TV’s now in homes across Kenya

29th November 2016, Nairobi, Kenya….Safaricom shops in Kenya are stocking televisions for the first time under a new deal with M-KOPA Solar. The televisions are included in the 20W version of M-KOPA’s solar home system, which also provides, lights, charging and radio – primarily for off-grid homes.

Since the launch of M-KOPA’s solar television systems in February 2016, the company has connected over 25,000 households. This is bringing television ownership to a new off-grid market. According to a 2015 research study, 80% of M-KOPA customers had never previously envisioned owning a television.

Jesse Moore, Chief Executive Officer at M-KOPA says, “It’s great to visit Kenyan families who never thought they’d have the power or the finances to own a television. And now they can access a whole world of news and entertainment across up to 30 channels. This retail and distribution deal builds on our five year partnership with Safaricom to extend life changing services across Kenya and the African continent.”

M-KOPA television systems are currently available in all 65 M-KOPA service centers. The deal with Safaricom will bring the total retail distribution for M-KOPA’s TV systems to over 100 outlets.

Bob Collymore, Chief Executive Officer at Safaricom says, “We have always believed in M-KOPA’s potential to transform millions of lives. This boost in the distribution network will mean that more homes will conveniently transition from kerosene, to safe and clean energy.”