M-KOPA III Solar Home System

M-KOPA III Solar Home System

40 /=

Per day + 2,999 /= deposit

1000 /=

Per day + 59,999 /= deposit

1400 /=

Per day + 99,000 /= deposit

  • 2 LED lights with switches and multiple brightness settings
  • 1 LED portable solar torch light
  • Phone charging USB with 5 standard connections
  • Portable solar radio
  • 8W high quality solar panel
  • 2 year warranty
  • Payment term: one year

M-KOPA III Solar Home System


Customers buy the solar home system on an affordable M-KOPA payment plan, with an initial deposit followed by daily payments for up to one year. After completing payments, customers own the product outright.

Locally Available

M-KOPA Solar is available through hundreds of M-KOPA dealers in Kenya,Tanzania and Uganda. To find your nearest M-KOPA dealer, contact customer care on +256 (0) 417713500 or click here
M-KOPA’s customer care team is available to support our customers, agents and retail partners.

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Product Development

Additional M-KOPA products using the same patented technology are in development. Our integrated account management system is designed to scale across multiple markets and new products.