President Barack Obama made a surprise visit to M-KOPA Solar at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi last week, where he met with June Muli Head of Customer Care at M-KOPA, she describes her encounter with the President as ‘humbling’ due to his down-to-earth demeanor.

June recalls that he gave her a warm hand-shake and began the conversation by saying ‘Hi… I am President Obama’.

The president was impressed by the M-KOPA III Solar Home System, especially due to its cost of 40 cts per day and payment using M-PESA. June states that President Obama upon hearing the cost of the product called his press team from the side-lines to witness the affordability and creativity of the technology. President Obama re-iterated ‘after a year of payments, for the next seven years you now have power and light in your house, you can charge your phones and that 40 cts a day is the same amount you’d be paying for kerosene.’

President Kenyatta in his speech cited the organization by saying ‘M-KOPA, a new Kenyan innovation, has brought the benefits of solar lighting to hundreds of thousands of rural homes, enabling our children to study after school, relieving our mothers from the burden of fetching firewood and burning kerosene late into the night’.

June states that she is excited at the recognition the organization has received through the Summit and is hopeful that the sky is the limit not only for M-KOPA who have impacted 225,000 lives thus far but for entrepreneurs across Africa who have great ideas and are working hard to make a difference.