M-KOPA Solar and Eseye have announced that they will license the M-KOPAnet technology platform to partners outside of East Africa. This platform powers M-KOPA Solar’s market-leading pay-as-you-go solar energy solution for off-grid customers in developing markets.

Eseye partnered with M-KOPA Solar in 2011 to develop the platform’s application framework.
M-KOPAnet connects the embedded SIM card, engineered into each solar system, with the application servers and the mobile money platform. It serves as a backend system to operate all functions of the business and a powerful data platform, enabling M-KOPA Solar to securely monitor and manage each pay-as-you-go solar system’s performance.

In a single month M-KOPAnet collects more than 100,000 device location records, 250,000 payment records, one million solar panel readings and one million battery readings. This rich data collection helps M-KOPA Solar detect demand patterns and improve its offering in real time.
Those interested in the M-KOPAnet platform should send introductory emails to licensing@m-kopa.com.